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Emotional stars like Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West had nothing but praise for Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver Thursday night.

Other celebs in attendance included Fergie, Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama, Star Jones, Susan Sarandon, Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington.

VIDEO: Oprah Winfrey: Obama's Speech Made Me Cry "My Eyelashes Off"
Friday August 29, 2008

Michael Stipe, Susan Sarandon, Cindy Sheehan and others marked the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with a concert to benefit groups campaigning against the war

NEW YORK, March 21, 2006
Thousands At Anti-War Concert In NYC Stipe, Sarandon Join Cindy Sheehan, Marking Iraq War Anniversary


Actress Susan Sarandon was in full rant on Saturday as the opening speaker at an anti-Bush/Iraq war rally organized by a bunch or far-left and pro-communist groups, some of whose names, like the Nicaragua Network, haven’t been heard since the 1980s.

Sarandon equated al-Qaeda with U.S. businesses: “Let us find a way to resist fundamentalism that leads to violence. Fundamentalism of all kinds, in al-Qaeda and within our government. And what is our fundamentalism? Cloaked in patriotism and our doctrine of spreading democracy throughout the world, our fundamentalism is business.”

She called the war a big distraction: “This is about business, the business of distracting American attention from Enron and Haliburton, the financial scandals that directly connect this administration to the heart of what is now wrong with the American economy.”

"We stand a chance of getting a president who has probably killed more people before he gets into office than any president in the history of the United States."

"In the US it is not a good time for anybody to feel strongly about things that are not popular", Sarandon went on, "and if you are against the death penalty it's like being against a war. Your loyalties to the government are questioned if you are against it."


September 11, 2000
Really. Ms. Sarandon

"Let us resist this war," Sarandon told the cheering crowd.

Tens Of Thousands Rally

Around World Against Iraq War

by Mark Wilkinson, October 26, 2002



Former Naderites urge votes for Kerry

A raft of former Naderites have signed a petition urging voters who might be tempted to vote for the independent presidential candidate to support Democrat John F. Kerry. "We urge support for Kerry/Edwards in all swing states, even while we strongly disagree with Kerry's policies on Iraq and other issues," the petition said. "For people seeking progressive social change in the United States, removing George W. Bush from office should be the top priority in the 2004 presidential election." The more than 70 signatories include actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon; former talk show host Phil Donahue; academics Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Cornel West; and musicians Bonnie Raitt and Eddie Vedder. (Washington Post)

Kerry tops Bush among likely Minn. voters September 16, 2004


Actor Susan Sarandon, who gave one of the main speeches from the platform, declared:

“Bush says you’re either with us or against us. I don’t know who ‘us’ is. I say to Mr. Bush—this is what democracy looks like. We will not give our daughters and sons for a war for oil.”


Sarandon called on those present to pressure the Democrats in Congress to oppose Bush. “There are some people still functioning in the government,” said Sarandon. “We must support them, particularly (West Virginia Democratic Senator) Robert Byrd.” She gave the phone number of the Capitol Hill switchboard and urged people to call those Senators “who look as though they might have the courage” to oppose Bush.



Tens of thousands in US rally against war on Iraq

By a reporting team

7 October 2002


"The people of America do not want a war on spec," actress and anti-war activist Susan Sarandon said Friday on the eve of what could be one of the largest anti-war protests ever.

The actress, who lives with her family in Connecticut, told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith that many Americans "do not want to risk their children or the children of Iraq." Once we do this unprecedented thing of having a war on spec - preemptive strike. I mean, it's against the whole, everything this country is supposed to be about," she said. "So I'm terrified about what's going to happen."

Appealing to President Bush and members of Congress, the Academy Award winner said, "Get with it. Get off your horse and let's get real about this."

"If it happens, it's going to be expensive," Sarandon said. "There's going to be huge loss of life on the part of the Iraqis. And there's ways to do it. Even the neighbors don't see him as an imminent threat, and we shouldn't either."

Sarandon To Bush: Get Real On War NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2003 © MMIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

At the 1993 ceremony, presenters Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon explained their red ribbons were in support of HIV-positive Haitians barred from entering the United States. Ms. Sarandon called on U.S. officials to "admit that HIV is not a crime and to get these people into the United States."









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